Tantalizing the Media!

13 Jun

Tantaliizng India featured by Deccan Chronicle

Tantaliizng India featured by Deccan Chronicle on its Front Page

While the three musketeers of Tantalizing India have been toiling away with preparations for their 18 day long India haul, the media has stood up and taken notice of what Tantalizing India has been upto.

While Sameer and me have been busy co-ordinating endorsement deals with our sponsor partners, Ratheesh is busy co-ordinating with Limca Book of Records on our time and log sheet formats. Sameer also has the entrusted responsibility of getting the Ford Endeavor serviced, checked and rechecked. Ratheesh, meanwhile is breaking his head on Google Maps and is carefully planning which NH should we connect and which we shouldn’t.

We’re also getting our gadgets ready in the form of a slick laptop which has a really long battery backup, a nice shiny camera that’ll help us get great pictures, setting up a couple of GPS devices to guide us through our way, securing a couple of internet dongles that’ll help us be connected 24×7.

The three of us over the last few days have been happy to give a series of interviews to the media who’ve been very supportive of Tantalizing India. Our fans have hit a decent 400 on Facebook and it’s been an absolute pleasure interacting with them.

Now then, time you give dope on who all have been talking about us in the Media Fraternity:

For now the three of us are super excited about Tantalizing India and can’t wait till flag off time – which should be sometime in the afternoon of June 16th. We’ve lost our sleep. We’re not able to concentrate on our jobs – all we can think off is Tantalizing India.

Come June 16th, there shall be daily updates on this website in regard to our whereabouts, constant interaction and updates on our Facebook Fan Page and our Twitter account will be all set to chirp. Stay tuned!

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