Meeting Neil in Mangalore!

18 Jun

Landed in Mangalore post breakfast only to receive an email and sms from a gentleman called Neil Rodregues who’d love to welcome us in Mangalore and help with anything that we needed . We connected with Neil right away and had a word with him.

In about fifteen minutes time we met him at a suggested location. Neil is a Project Manager with Infosys and is based in Managalore. He is also a travel enthusiast and has done a fair bit of traveling in the United States where he was based for four years as part of his Infosys tenure.

We had a good conversation and enjoyed meeting Neil. After getting to know Neil was a travel freak, Ratheesh gifted Neil some Tantalizing India merchandise in the form of a travel poster sponsored by

P.S. – is Tantalizing India’s sponsor partner. They have really cool stuff in the form of India specific travel gifts and merchandise. You must check them out.

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