Belgaum – We love you!

19 Jun

Team Tantalizing India had a super awesome day yesterday. Having finished with Kozhikode, Mangalore, Karwar and Goa, we hit Belgaum at 23:45 – close to midnight. No sooner we were about to hit Belgaum, three kms earlier we had a mega surprise in store for us.

Sameer’s family all of a sudden – out of nowhere sprang up and blocked our vehicle. Stung in surprise, even before we could recover from this situation, Sameer’s dad Mr.Suleman Siddique was hugging Sameer and patting him on his back. Sameer was overjoyed – couldn’t believe his eyes. The fact that his family travelled all the way from Bangalore to Belgaum – over 500 kms one way just to see him for about thirty minutes was quite touching.

We exchanged pleasantries with Sameer’s family and moved on to meet our fans from Belgaum who were waiting for us in Camp. This again, touched Team Tantalizing India. We were supposed to reach Belgaum at about 22:30 hrs however a series of showers at various locations combined with thick fog at Amboli delayed us and we reached Belgaum only at 23:45.

We put a message up on Facebook saying that we’d be late we’d love to meet fans, however since it would be too late – should the fans wished we could cancel the meet up. However, our fans showed us incredible support by barging in at the venue eager to see us. We were blown away – overjoyed.

Quite a few close friends and family turned up too in the form of Uday from, Harshad & Garav Ail, Rajat Katti, Sandeep Tekriwal, Vijay Chabada, Akhil Kittur and Prasad Prabhu. Lots of other fans of Tantalizing India were also present. Thank you so much guys for coming over – you touched us – we mean it!

As a token of appreciation, thanks to our sponsor partner Chumbak we handed over a bunch of goodies to all our fans in Belgaum that included sets of funky travel pens, crazy notepadscute keychains, handmade soap, quirky posters and smirky coasters – stuff that revolved around the theme of India and travel.

Next up – we headed to my place at BC 97 to have some sumptuous home food which Mom was busy preparing all day long. Bilal & Kashif Sait, Parminder Singh Khurana, Zainul Barafwala, Atique Bandukwala, Swapneel Haibatti, Pushpadant Patil and Ritish Patil – all friends rushed in to congratulate, greet and surprise us – we were amazed.

Bottom line – We love you Belgaum! Thank you for touching our lives!

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