From Aamchi Mumbai to Apnu Amdavad!

20 Jun

We had a whale of a time when we did Mumbai to Ahmedabad yesterday.

We drove off from Belgaum at 02:15 hrs after meeting our fans in Belgaum and having a good shower at my place. A little over two days on the road and we realized what simple pleasures of life like meeting friends, family and the freshness of a good hot shower can do.

The road Belgaum – Mumbai is a delight to drive where in one can comfortably clock 100 kmph. We finished Sattara and Pune early morning after which at 08:00 hrs we decided to make a quick pitstop at the Food Mall on the Pune Mumbai Expressway. We checked into Cafe Coffee Day and ordered three steaming choco cappuccinos into which we soaked and relaxed on the oh-so-comfortable couches.

We set off after a few minutes to Aamchi Mumbai where in we did a live interview with Radio City 91.1 FM. That was the first time any of us were on air and three of us we’re thrilled. Onto Gujarat then and about 12:00 hrs we stopped for a quick brunch at a local dhaba called ‘Dil-E-Punjab’ Dhaba located at Chellar Bhata.

The Dhaba is owned and operated by Mr. Dilbagh Singh who hails from Punjab. Dilbagh Paaji has been operating this Dhaaba from 1980 and has a team of 9 people helping him run the place. We had skipped breakfast and intended to skip lunch as well so we though we’d do a quick brunch.

We asked Dilbagh Paaji what his speciality was and what he thought we should have at his place. He suggested Dil-E-Punjab da Dal Tadka. Bring it on is what we said and believe you me we were left licking our fingers.

The three of us were lost for words – the tadka – he marowed on the dal was wow!  He suggested we wash it down with some cutting chai and that exactly what we did. All this and the bill? A mere Rs.140. 6 rotis, three dal tadkas, three onion platters, three cutting chai’s and a portion of curds. We thought we had a really sweet deal.

Next up, while we were on our way to Bharuch, we noticed that a couple of cars were frantically waving us on the highway and passing on some signals. We lowered our glasses and said hi. The again signaled something which we weren’t able to decipher so we asked them to pull over.

Apparently these guys – all from Bangalore were on their way to Leh. A group of seven from various backgrounds included but not limited information technology, telecommunications, film making and DJing had taken a good 16 days off from work and their sole intention was to sulk in the beauty of Leh. ‘Leh Hogona?’ is what they had printed on their tshirts. Pretty cool stuff we thought.

Our close friend Ronak Prajapati was waiting for us when we parked in at S.G. Highway to treat us to a much awaited filling dinner at Mirch Masala in Ahmedabad. The entrees included a couple of platters of lightly skewered kebabs followed by a couple of main course dishes accompanied by cheese naans. Let me not get into the details of what we had coz if I do, I’m certain I’m gonna ask Sameer to take a U turn and head to Ahmedabad again.

For dessert, Ronak called in for a round of hot pipping jalebees which we happily greased ourselves with. We’d like to thank Ronak for taking time out and treating us to this amazing experience. He’s a fantastic guy – really!

A little after 11, we left for Gandhinagar followed by Godhra and onto Indore and Bhopal. Stay tuned!

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