Happy Birthday Sameer!

20 Jun

As per our last post, the previous 24 hours had been simply wonderful. Reception by Belgaum Fans,  Surprises by our families, Dinner at Home, Radio City, Dil-E-Punjab, a whale of a time with Ronak, the works.

While we were having dinner at Mirch Masala last nite, I excused myself with Ronak and got out of the restaurant for a few minutes so that I could smuggle the birthday cake Ronak had got for us upon me and Ratheesh requesting him for Sameer’s birthday.

After dinner, we left for Gandhinagar. As soon as we got into the car, Sameer crashed since he’d driven all day long. He slept like a baby. Shortly after Gandhinagar, we made a stop, while Sameer was still sleeping and got the cake out and placed it on the bonnet of our car.

We woke Sameer up and told him that the car broke down. He woke up as if a bolt struck him with lightening and rushed out to see what was wrong. When he saw the birthday cake on the bonnet, he started smiling. And we started loading him up with some birthday bumps.

Happy Birthday Sameer! Wish you all the happiness in the world!

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