Jugaad in Rajasthan!

21 Jun

If you happen to visit Rajasthan, the chances are that you may come across some odd-looking vehicles zooming past the road. Something very similar happened with Tantalizing India.

We entered into Rajasthan yesterday and we’re cruising at about 50 kmph when we saw some rather cool looking unusual vehicle forms. Immediately Sameer hit the brakes, I grabbed the camera and we barged out to see what this really was.

Ratheesh was already on the guy who was driving this weird vehicle and started conversing with him while I frantically started taking pictures. Upon questioning Naresh, a local who was driving this vehicle, he brought to our notice that what he was driving is called ‘Jugaad’.

Jugaad are locally made motor vehicles that are used mostly in small villages of Rajasthan as a means of low cost transportation. Jugaad literally means an arrangement or a work around, which has to be used because of lack of resources.

Jugaad vehicles cost around Rs. 16,000 is what Naresh told us. They are known for having poor brakes and can not go beyond 60 kmph. They operate on a combination of kerosene and diesel fuel and are just ordinary water pump sets converted into engines.

The brakes of these vehicles very often fail and one of the passengers jumps down and applies a manual wooden block as a brake. End of the day, Rs.16,000 and you’ve got a vehicle – a four wheeler that can haul a lot of people – in real time terms – true blue ‘Jugaad’.

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