Snow Time in Leh!

25 Jun

Never before have we had such a ‘tantalizing’ experience like the one we had in Leh, Ladakh. Mountains covered with snow, freezing temperature, alert and vigilant military, tenacious bikers, excited foreigners, the calmness of the Himalayan range – you name it.

Lets get to details like what kind of altitudes we reached, and whether we had air / altitude / motion sickness, whether we found it difficult to breathe.

  • We reached 17500 feat at Taglangla in terms of altitude [Pictures coming up in our next post]
  • We got stuck in a traffic jam in the night where in we were stuck for more than six hours in our car in temperatures below -10 degrees.
  • All three of us suffered from serious altitude and air sickness. We were barely able to breathe and were freezing in the cold. Our heads ached, our stomachs cramped – how we wished we could get our feet into hot water and grab a cup of steaming Kawa. But that wasn’t to be.

All said and done, inspite of the hardships we faced, the result was sweet. We went through it and it was an experience that’ll stay with us all our lives. We’re glad we’re doing Tantalizing India!

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