Blue Moon!

26 Jun

While lots of sights took us our breath away in the Himalayan Valley, one sight – that one perfect sight had us framed. Earlier when we entered Srinagar and caught the early morning sunrise, we thought we’d never get a better shot.

But then, in the valley, when we saw the moon popping up, we froze – the three of us just stared in tandem, in awe – and said to ourselves, we’ve been fortunate to witness this glorious sight from mother natures lap. That particular sight forced us to write this post.

Other than the mystical moon, we had tons to smile about in the Himalayan lap. The very sight of the valley was breathtaking. Suddenly one can feel so small – like an ant compared to a human when you stop and look at mother nature.

All of a sudden you can hear yourself  interacting with mother nature – thanking her for showing you this sight, asking her why you hadn’t come to observe and interact with her earlier, questioning yourself why didn’t you ever think about this beauty when you saw other peoples photographs with her.

One just can’t help but stop the car, look into the mountains, smile at the snow and say, lets take another picture. One more. And another one. All that jazz about breaking the record just vanishes. You just seem to indulge in nature and smile that you came this far.

You wanna stop at Zozilla Pass – at an altitude of 11649 feet. Then you wanna stop at Himank – the second coldest inhabited place in the world where in on 09th January 1995 the temperature touched a record -60 degrees. And then Fotula – the highest point in the Srinagar Leh Road.

Sometimes you just feel like stopping the car and staring at the sky. And then comes along Taglangla – the second highest pass of the world at 17,582 ft.

But then like they say, you gotta move on. Smile at life. Promise to come back again. Convince yourself that theres more on the other side. Move ahead like Columbus – to dream, to discover.

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