Respecting the Terrain!

26 Jun

Its not just about creating a world record. Not just about social media, blogging, facebooking and interacting with the world. Not just about whiskering past territories at a breath-taking speed of 100 kmph. Not just about putting your footprint on the Indian peninsula. Not just about food. Not just about passion.

Its about endurance. Its about transformation. We’re talking about the lessons taught to us by mother nature in the Himalayan terrain. Where the roads can’t be called roads. Because they aren’t. They’re just strips of mud and stones which give you an average of 15 bumps a minute.

The terrain is rough. And tough even. Is wild. Is narrow. Is scary. In the real sense. Not for the faint hearted. No way. Then on the terrain, there are those murky truckers – with them fat trucks, refusing to bulge – reluctant to give you some leeway.

There are motor-cyclists who’re careful about balancing those 150+ kg bikes which make them look like rockstars – but when they’ve hit the road for about 30 minutes, all that rockishness immediately fades away. Don’t get us wrong – we’ve got nothing against motor-cyclists – we’re motor-cyclists too – but believe us – it ain’t easy.

Then them cars. Of all sizes. Light. Compact. Heavy even. Every one of which needs to get from point A to point B in the shortest span of time. However, if you follow the ‘shortest span of time’ route, you’re days are numbered.

On this Himalayan adventure, we learn’t to be safe. To be humble. To respect the terrain. To take it slow. Again, slow. Not easy. No. Easy would be wrong. All this because life’s just got started. We’re sure theres a lot more to been seen, experienced, lived, cherished and realized.

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