Himalayan Luxury – The Wildflower Hall

28 Jun

Situated at 8,250 feet in the magnificent Himalayas, Wildflower Hall is a fairytale luxury resort set in 22 acres of virgin woods of pine and cedar. This stellar property owned and operated by The Oberoi Group is located in Shimla.

While Tantalizing India was being planned, there were certain places that Ratheesh, Sameer and me had our eyes affixed to and come-what-may, we promised ourselves to visit those places. No sooner we left for Shimla from Manali, the three of us were as excited as little boys would be about candies.

The Wildflower Hall was a resort we were looking forward to visit for a long long time. The Wildflower Hall happens to be the former residence of Lord Kitchener.

At about 21:30, we hit the gates of Wildflower Hall and were asked if we were from Indian Oil – we replied in the negative to which we were told that the whole property was blocked by Indian Oil and they weren’t letting anybody else in since they were packed for that evening.

We refused to listen to the guard on the gate and requested him to consult his Restaurant Manager since we’d travelled all the way from Bangalore. All we wanted was about an hour in the restaurant and a look at the property. He put us on to the F & B Manager who after a patient listening over the phone agreed.

Like an excited bunch of kids who’d just popped in to watch a Pokemon movie, we barged into the property. Teak wood floors, hand knotted rugs and rich furnishings complemented by spectacular views welcomed us at the Wildflower Hall. Wood panelling and original artwork created an aura of old world charm.

After spending some time in the grand lobby of the Wildflower Hall, we were escorted to the restaurant where in we had a couple of drinks followed by Chicken and Corn Risotto and Gosht Biryani. Italian and Indian – an odd combination we know – but then our bellys craved and our hearts yearned – we had no choice but to give in.

The staff of the Wildflower Hall was very courteous and we’d fail in our duty if we didn’t mention about them. They welcomed us warmly and interacted with us all throughout our brief stay. In the end, we walked out as if three boys had been kissed for the first time by their first girlfriends.

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