What took you so long!

2 Jul

‘What took you so long!’ – one statement that people have been bouncing us with over the last few days. We’ve been getting loads of emails, phone calls, comments, smses from family, friends and fans who’ve been curious to know about where we were, what were we upto, why were we *lost*, why weren’t we updating our status on facebook, yada, yada, yada….

But the most common – or *tantalizing* if you will – amongst all of them would be ‘What took you so long!’

The answer to that is a function of heavy downpour in the form of rains – the most torrential the Tantalizing India Crew has seen till date, poor visibility thanks to thick and dense fog, zero cell phone connectivity, nil internet connectivity and the most meaty and mighty reason – roads. Big Bad Roads. Roads that can’t be called Roads. Can’t connect? Take a look at these:

The pictures shown above are snapshots we took of roads in different parts of East India. The fascinating part of these roads is that these aren’t merely *patches* – these *patches* run into kilometers. Big long kilometers. One of these *long patches* that we did ran into over 200 kilometers.

What kind of time it took us to do that stretch? Do the math.

By any means – we’re not complaining here. Don’t get us wrong. We’ve had a whale of a time – a huge huge party over what we’ve done, what we’re experienced and what we’ve been through. Something that’ll live with us for the rest of our lives. Might make us look dumb when we post pictures of muddy roads – but to us its an experience of a lifetime!

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