Bihar for you!

3 Jul

There were lots of places that Team Tantalizing India was curious to visit, explore, experience and see as part of our trip. One of them amongst that list was Bihar.

While we were preparing for our journey, all our friends, family, well wishers chipped in with advice, dos and don’ts, how to guides, be careful tips and more. A lot of them, a huge chunk dare we say said, be careful of Bihar. You never know what to expect.

Carefully and steadily we approached Bihar. What we saw? India in its 1960s in our words. Take a look at the pictures. In Bihar, the following are essentials:

  • Every fifth vehicle has people stuffed inside, outside and over it.
  • Motorcycles are modified and innovated into huge passenger ferrying / goods transportation vehicles.
  • Paltry and small roads overloaded with vehicles. Most of which happen to be trucks / people transfer vehicles.
  • Motorcyclists perceive themselves as monstrous truck drivers and storm onto you every now and then.

Inspite of all this, surprisingly – the place happens to be very lively. Jolly even. People involved in local chatter and gossips here and there. Smiles by ‘Bhaiyyajis’ all over.

Come to think of it, we really can’t describe it. To get the real feel, you need to go there yourself. For those who want to keep at bay, trust the pictures will help.

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