About Us

Sameer Siddique

Sky Diver. Bungee Jumper. 21st Century Nomad. Globe Trotter. A few words that describe a box of adventure called Sameer. While most kids had aspirations to be doctors, engineers and scientists, Sameer very ripely expressed his desire to be a Truck Driver. Traveling is in Sameer’s blood. After having holidayed in UK, Germany, New Zealand, Azarbhaijan, Malaysia, Dubai, China and India, Sameer these days dreams of setting his footprint on the world map. As for work, Sameer is a Flight Attendant with a Leading International Airline Company.

Ratheesh Kumar

Born and brought up in God’s Own Country, Kerala, Ratheesh is as composed a man you will ever find. From Hotel Management Roles in one of India’s Largest Five Star Group’s to being a Swashbuckling Bar Tender at one of Bangalore’s hottest clubs, from freezing experiences in Leh to getting heat burns in Rajasthan, Ratheesh can never cease to surprise you. While not tripping, Ratheesh is employed with an International Airline.

Aadil Bandukwala

Aadil is the essence of overconfidence! Fast food and fast cars are his instant gratification. 27 years into life, Aadil is an entrepreneur running an executive search firm. He calls himself speculation, adventure and the spirit of pursuit. His wife though calls him an incorrigible nincompoop. While not head hunting, Aadil likes to spend time, googling around, exploring multi cultural cuisines, taking vacations every now and then, riding his Royal Enfeild and killing time on his Mac.

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