Ships are safer in the harbour. But they’re not meant for that purpose.

And just like ships need sails, fuel, maintenance equipments, navigation tools, communication devices, food supplies, first aid boxes, yada, yada, yada, so do we. We’ve got a team of three passionate sailors aka drivers in the form of Sameer, Ratheesh and Aadil ready to go drive the periemeter around India and we’re requesting people to help us accomplish his trip by sponsoring stuff we need.

Should this sound like fun, you can help us by prourcing / sourcing / sponsoring us stuff we need:

  • Fuel aka Diesel. [Over 16000 kilometers plus is what we intend to cover. You do the math.]
  • Navigation Tools in the form of GPS Devices.
  • Automobile Maintenance Tools.
  • Camping Gear.
  • Laptop with a Wireless Internet Dongle that will help us blog, tweet and post updates on our site and interacth with our audience.
  • A kick ass Camera that will help us capture some breath taking imagery.
  • Dough to spend on food n fluids. ;) [18 Days and 3 Hungry Souls. Again – do the math!]
  • Insurance – Like they say, just in case!

Now then, why sponsor us?

  • We’ll have your branding up on our site to showcase the same to our readers and audience.
  • We’ll have your messages and communication pasted on our Shiny Ford Endeavor to spread the word Pan India.
  • We’ll have your branding embedded on our Dirving gear and apparel.
  • Most important of all, you’ll help three dreamers accomplish a feat most humans dream off! ;)

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